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Debug logs for the OnePacs Workstation and Study Retriever

When making a OnePacs support inquiry regarding the macOS or WIndows Workstations, or the Study Retriever, it is necessary to provide “debugging logs”, which are files which keep track of the workings of the OnePacs system and are useful in diagnosing the cause of problems.

To submit debug logs, right click on the taskbar icon (windows) or menubar icon (mac) and select "Upload debug logs to OnePacs".  Once the logs are submitted you will be provided with a unique key identifying your logs.  Provide this key to OnePacs Support.

On Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Study Retriever menu option appears as follows:


On macOS operating systems, the menu option appears as follows:

On  successful upload of the debug logs, a window like the following will appear, providing the tracking number/access key for the debug logs.