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Uploading Studies to OnePacs

There are several ways of uploading studies to the OnePacs system.

  • DICOM transmission from an imaging modality or PACS system - DICOM images are transmitted directly from an imaging modality (e.g. a CT scanner) to a PACS system via DICOM.  The OnePacs gateway compresses the imaging data and securely transmits to the OnePacs cloud in the background according to rules.  This is the most common method if image transmission.
  • Direct upload using the web interface - Users may upload DICOM images from a CD, DVD, hard drive, or other physical media directly to OnePacs securely via the web interface.
  • Manually adding a study - A study record can be manually created to track and store non-DICOM imaging data, documents, and reports. 
  • Data Migration
    • Small to medium amounts of legacy imaging data may be uploaded to OnePacs using the Gateway import technique.
    • Medium to large amounts of data can be migrated to OnePacs by shipping encrypted media containing DICOM images as well as other data such as reports.  Contact sales for more information.
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