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  • Permissions:  The "Study tag view" permission is required to view/export study tags.  The "Study tag modify" permission is required to modify study tags on a study.  The "Study tag management" permission is required to manage study tags.    
  • "Study tag view" and ""Study tag modify"" permissions are available to users of type: Radiology Support, Radiologist, Transcriptionist, Limited Administrator, and Administrator.
  • "Study tag management" permission is available to Limited Administrator, and Administrator.


Study tags can be used to tag a study.   Study tags for cases can be exported using the data analysis feature.   Study tags have similar functionality as folders in that they identify/label cases, but without sharing.   For example, they may be used to identify cases that may make good teaching cases.

Listing of study tags. 

Users can manage study tags using the Add, Edit and Delete buttons.   Once a study tag is used, it can no longer be deleted until it is removed from all studies.   It can be deactivated. 

Users may export their list of study tags to a CSV file using the "Export" button.

Editing a study tag 

Tags can be configured with a code and restricted by user types.     To deactivate a study tag, uncheck the "Active" checkbox.   Users will no longer be given the option to select that tag when tagging a study. 

Tagging Studies 

Users with the "Study tag modify" permission can manage study tags on the "Manage Study" Window. 

Users that can report and have the "Study tag modify" permission can right click on the case in the "Study History" on the report generator. 

Viewing Tags

Users can select the "Study Tags" column on the worklist to display study tags.   Use the export feature on the worklist to export study tags for worklist results. 

Exporting Tags

Users that have the  "Study tag view" permission and can use the data export can export study tags and study tag codes from the Data Analysis feature. 


20 study tags can be configured. 

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