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A patient domain defines a set of facilities that share medical record numbers (patient IDs). Within a patient domain, medical record numbers (patient IDs) are generated by a common issuer such that the same ID will be used at any facility within the patient domain to reference the same patient.


When patient domains are configured between for related facilities, cases between those facilities are considered priors of each other.    If patient Joe Smith gets scans done at two different but related facilities that share a patient domain, Springfield Hospital and later Springfield Clinic, the images from Springfield Hospital will be downloaded as prior history if they share the same patient matching criteria (MRN)

To create and manage a patient domain use the Admin -> Facilities menu and edit a facility.  On the "Advanced" tab is a field to manage patient domains.  Click the "Edit" icon to manage patient domains.   You may also select an existing patient domain and save the facility.  



Use the "Add", "Edit", and "Delete buttons to manage patient domains.  



  • All facilities that share a patient domain should have the same matching algorithm.
  • Patient history status on the worklist when a patient domain is configured
    • If a patient has history within the study's facility, a positive history icon will appear.
    • If a patient has no history within the subject study's facility an indeterminate history status icon will appear indicating history might exist in other facilities.  The user may hover over the history icon or click the history icon to search for priors across all the facilities in the patient domain.
  • User must have at least view access to the other facilities in the patient domain for priors to be considered.
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