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HL7 Order Confirmation

OnePacs can receive orders from an EMR or RIS and automatically use the information received in the order to confirm the study for interpretation.   OnePacs must be contracted to allow incoming HL7 orders.   Please contact sales for pricing and availability.


Facility Settings

Under the facility settings on the confirmation tab the "automated order confirmation via HL7" should be selected as the confirmation workflow.

Confirmation and general workflow

Once configured, the order is received from the RIS or EMR by OnePacs when the exam is scheduled.   Images are then sent via the Gateway and also received.   The order is matched to the DICOM study using either the accession number or the study instance UID.  When an order and a study are matched, the study is automatically confirmed with the information received in the order.


When a study is confirmed by an order the icon used to represent confirmation is slightly different to indicate a different between manual confirmation and automatic confirmation by an order.  For example, the following image shows a study that was confirmed by an order.


The Orders Interface

Sometimes, a study may not be properly matched.  For example, the wrong accession number was included in the order information received by OnePacs.  When the "Automated order confirmation via HL7" is selected, a new button will appear that will allow a user to search for and manually associate a received order with a study.  If the study has already been successfully associated with an order, hover text will show with order details when the mouse is placed over the button.  


After clicking on the "Link to order" button the user can use the left side of the order list to search for orders by patient name, patient id, or accession number.   Orders that are already linked to a study are colored red.   Use the "only unmatched orders" checkbox to control if orders that have already been matched will display in the search list.  Select an order from the list and click the "link to order" button to manually associate that order to the study that is being confirmed.  When a study and an order are linked, the study will be confirmed for interpretation using the information provided in the order.  Study details are shown on the top of the order search form.   Similarly, a study and an order can be unlinked by selecting the linked order and selecting the "unlink" button.   An order can also be deleted using the delete button.



Worklist orders tab.


At times, it may be useful to search for orders outside of a study context. This may be useful to see what recent orders have been sent into the system from a particular facility.   On the worklist, a user may add an orders tab by clicking on the "Add tab" tab and then selecting the "Add new orders tab" option. 



A new orders tab will open and will allow searching for orders in the system.





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