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Facility privileges

Facility privileges are the most basic means of restricting users' access to cases in the OnePacs system.  User facility privileges can be modified by an authorized user manager by editing a user account and selecting the "Facility Privileges" tab (pictured below).

Privilege Levels

For each Facility transmitting cases to the OnePacs system, each user of the system may have one of the following types of privileges:


No privilegesThe user will not be able to access cases from the facility.
Exceptions: User may be granted access on a case-by-case basis by administrators, or the user may be able to view the case if the user has access to a shared folder containing the case.
View onlyThe user will be able to see the case on a OnePacs worklist, view reports for the case, and (if the user has been giving view study permissions), the user will be able to view case images.
View and save draft reportUser can view the case, and also save a draft report for the case. User can not complete a primary report.  (Drafting is restricted to administrators, radiologists, transcriptionists, and radiology assistants)
View and reportUser can view the case, and complete a primary reports for the case.   User can also save a draft.   (Completing a primary report is restricted to administrators and radiologists)


Facility privileges of type "View and report" may be assigned expiration dates. When the expiration date is reached, the user's privileges for the facility in question will revert to “View and draft”. The system may be configured to send an email reminder of expiring privileges to the email address designated by the OnePacs administrator prior to the expiration date of the privileges.

Read Types

For facilities which support more that one read type, radiologists may be granted privileges for all or a sub-set of the available read types.  For example, a radiologist could be allowed to only enter preliminary reports at a facility that supports both preliminary and final. 

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