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OnePacs only allows storage of DICOM objects that are stored via the OnePacs Gateway DICOM routing software or manually uploaded via the web application. 

The OnePacs solution does not require or support VPN for secure transmission.  All traffic to and from the gateway is encrypted with TLS.


Gateway Deployment Models

DICOM studies sent to OnePacs are logically associated with a facility.  In essence, there are two gateway deployment models for DICOM transmission to OnePacs:

Single Facility Deployment Model (default)

A single facility deployment model consists of an on-premises Gateway for each physical location.


The single facility deployment model is the default configuration.  The "Transmission Model" setting of the facility configuration should be set to "Standard" on the Advanced tab of the facility window.  In this model, each physical location installs the OnePacs Gateway DICOM routing software to send images to OnePacs.  The benefits to this model is that there is no dependency on a central network.  Each facility that has internet access will be able to transmit directly to OnePacs.

Multiple-Facility Deployment Model

A multi-facility model utilizes a single gateway servicing multiple facilities.  The gateway itself uses default configuration and stores to the OnePacs server via a hub facility.  Server-side facility distribution rules then assign the study to the appropriate facility based on DICOM tags.


The benefit to this model is that the installation is easier, there is less maintenance required since there is only a single gateway server, and configuration changes may be made quickly across all sites.  Additionally, many customers couple this option with a HA (highly available) deployment using virtualization to eliminate the gateway server as a single point of failure.

Facility Transmission Models

The transmission model of the facility in OnePacs may be one of the following


The facility receives studies that are sent from a Gateway with a corresponding AE title. 


A hub facility receives studies based on calling AE title, like the standard model, except the hub facility may dispatch the studies to endpoint facilities in addition.

When defining a hub facility, one must select a mapping tag which determines what DICOM tag is used to apply rules.


An endpoint facility is a facility that may receive images directly, like the standard model, or define rules for receiving studies that are sent to a hub facility.  Facility distribution rules can be used to enable transmission of DICOM images pertaining to multiple facilities through a single OnePacs Gateway instance.

To create and endpoint facility, first select the "Endpoint" transmission model.  Next, create an endpoint mapping rule, selecting the hub facility and then entering matching text.


In the above example, studies sent to the hub that have a DICOM Institution Name tag (0008,0080) that matches the value "MS44" would be sent to the "endpoint" facility.  


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