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  • Standardized Uptake Value (SUV)
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The standardized uptake value (SUV) formulas are used in positron emission tomography (PET) analysis. Radiotracer concentration can be measured for any area-based region of interest (ROI) such as circle, square, polygon, etc. The SUV formulas depend on certain attributes in the DICOM image without which SUV values cannot be calculated.

This application provides the following SUV types

  • SUV Body Weight (SUV bw)

  • SUV Lean Body Mass (SUV lbm)

  • SUV Body Surface Area (SUV bsa)

N/A will be displayed in the event that SUV calculations are not available (e.g. due to missing DICOM attributes).

Required DICOM Attributes

  • General Tags
(0010,0040)CS1Patient’s Sex
(0010,1020)DS1Patient’s Size
(0010,1030)DS1Patient’s Weight
(0008,0021)DA1Series Date
(0008,0031)TM1Series Time
(0008,0022)DA1Acquisition Date
(0008,0032)TM1Acquisition Time
(0028,0051)CS1 - nCorrected Image
(0054,1102)CS1Decay Correction
(0028,1052)DS1Rescale Intercept
(0028,1053)DS1Rescale Slope
  • Radiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
(0054,0016) SQ1Radiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
 (0018,1074)DS1Radionuclide Total Dose
 (0018,1078)DT1Radiopharmaceutical Start DateTime
 (0018,1072)TM1Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
 (0018,1075)DS1Radionuclide Half Life
  • Manufacturer Tags
(0009,100D)TM1Scan Time for GE (private tag)
(7053,1000)DS1SUV Scale Factor for Philips
(7053,1009)DS1Activity Concentration Scale Factor for Philips

SUV formulas

  1. Main Formulas

    • Body Weight (SUV bw)
    • Body Surface Area (SUV bsa)
    • Lean Body Mass (SUV lbm)
  2. Factors of Formulas

    • Body Surface Area (BSA)
    • Lean Body Mass (Male)
    • Lean Body Mass (Female)
    • Decay Correction
    • Time Gap
      Scan Time - Radiopharmaceutical Start Time

      If Decay Correction (0054,1102) is 'ADMIN', Time Gap is 0.
      If GE private tag presents, Scan Time is with its value.

    • PET Image Pixels

[1]: Calculation of SUV bw and SUV bsa are according to the following equations, taken from Kim et al. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Volume 35, No. 1, January 1994. pp164-167
[2]: Calculation of SUV lbm is according to Sugawara et al. Radiology, November 1999. pp 521-525