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Permission sets are collections of user permissions which can be applied to user accounts to facilitate creation of user accounts.  Groups may define their own permission sets.  The system default permission sets are below.



Initial permission sets

Permission sets are used to assign commonly used groups of permissions to users. This is commonly used when creating new users, to avoid having to select each specific desired permission for each type of new user every time a user is created.

ClinicianBasic web access, View reports
Clinician with JPEG web viewerBasic web access, View reports, View studies
Clinician with downloadBasic web access, Poller Access with Gateway Downloads, View Reports, View Studies
Clinician with notesBasic web access, View reports, View/edit study notes
TranscriptionistBasic web access, View reports, View/edit study notes, Transcribe
RadiologistBasic web access, Change password, Download DICOM data from OnePacs Server, Enter preliminary reports, Enter reports, Multiple worklists, Poller Access with Gateway Downloads, Poller Query, Poller downloads from OnePacs Server, View Preliminary Reports, View Reports, View Studies, View User Preferences, View/Edit Study Notes
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