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OnePacs on Mobile Devices

The OnePacs worklist, and other features of OnePacs, may be accessed through web browsers on a variety of mobile devices. 

The OnePacs system is not for primary interpretation/diagnostic use on mobile devices. However, there are many situations for which it may be useful to access the OnePacs system on a mobile device, such as for research or education purposes, or to review system information, images, or worklists for purposes other than the delivery of patient care.  

OnePacs on iOS devices

The OnePacs worklist may be viewed through a web browser on the iPad. Most functionality of the worklist can be accessed. (Similarly, web browsers may be used on the iPhone to access OnePacs, though due to the small screen size, this method of accessing OnePacs is not recommended.) 

iOS-specific features

When using OnePacs on iOS devices, a few changes in the behavior of the worklist occur to facilitate usage.

  • A new worklist toolbar icon, the menu icon, appears; this calls up the right-click context menu for the case. The menu icon appears as follows:
  • Menu options that are not relevant to iOS usage (such as Download DICOM data…) are removed, to simplify the menu.

Viewers for iOS

Cases may be viewed in the WebViewer or Osirix HD (Osirix HD is not for diagnostic use as of this writing). 

To view a case on the iPad in Osirix HD, open the OnePacs worklist in a web browser, then click on the toolbar menu icon for the case you wish to view. A menu will appear with an option to open the case in Osirix HD. This will download the entire case to Osirix HD. 

In the event that the case is large and you wish to view only a single series, to avoid having to download the entire case, you may click the “series preview” icon on the toolbar, and select a specific series to view, and click on the “View in Osirix” icon which appears in the series preview pane.

OnePacs on Android devices

The OnePacs WebViewer may be used on Android devices.

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