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Facility managers

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Within the OnePacs system, it is possible for a OnePacs administrator to assign limited user management (administrative-type) privileges to users of the system, without granting full administrative permissions to such users.   Users of type radiology assistant can also function as facility manager when the user is granted the "Manage facility users" permission.

For example, consider the case of a teleradiology group servicing two client facilities.

The system is being managed by one Administrator, and there are several radiologists and other users who will need access to all studies and reports within the OnePacs system.

Additionally, each of the two serviced facilities wishes to designate an individual who will be able to create and manage users of the system for that facility. These users will need various system privileges, in order to access studies and reports, transmit studies to OnePacs, file and review QA information, and other purposes. At each of these facilities, an individual is designated who shall manage the creation and modification of users for such purposes for the facility in question. This individual is termed a “Facility manager” in the OnePacs system.

The following diagram depicts this system configuration.

Capabilities and limitations of the facility manager

Naturally, it is desirable that the given facility Manager be capable of granting users access to studies which have been performed at that facility. It is also necessary that such managers not be able to access, or grant other users acces to, studies which were not performed at their facility.

The facility manager's capabilities are determined, and restricted, in the following fashion:

  • The facility manager is capable of giving users view access to only those imaging studies to which the facility manager him/herself has view access.
  • The facility manager is capable of granting users only those system permissions which the Manager him/herself possesses.

That is, the facility manager is capable of granting users access to any features or information on the OnePacs system that s/he has access to her/himself. However, the Manager does not need to grant users access to all those features and information within the OnePacs system that the manager has access to. The Manager is free to grant users access to subsets of system permissions, and facility access privileges, that the Manager has, up to a maximum permission set of all those system permissions and facility privileges that the Manager has.

Therefore, when assigning a create a user type of facility manager the administrator should provide that user with facility privileges at any facilities that the manager will be managing users for, and the Administrator should provide that user with the full set of system permissions that the manager may need to grant to one or more users.

Creating a Facility Manager

To create a facility manager, simply create a user or edit an existing user and set their user type to facility manager.  For radiology assistants, the "Manage facility users" role must also be granted.

Upon so doing, the user will acquire the ability to create new OnePacs users, and grant such users access to any facilities that the Manager has access to, and to grant such users any system permissions that the manager has.


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