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Spine Labeling

The spine labelling tool is used to make it easy to label vertebral bodies on sagittal and coronal images of the spine for easy identification while scrolling through series. Once spine labels are created, they are displayed on all images in a given series, making it easy to track a specific vertebral body across multiple slices during review.

Activating the Spine Labeling Tool

To create a spine label, activate the Spine Labeling Tool by clicking its icon, .

Creating Spine Labels

While the tool is active, clicking on the image with the left mouse button will display a marker (a small circle) at the location of your choosing. Place a marker on each vertebral body.

Once you have placed markers on all vertebrae of interest, choose the appropriate label for one of them by right clicking on it and selecting the correct label from the context menu. The other vertebrae will be named automatically based on your choice. You can change the labeling at any time by selecting one, right clicking and choosing a different label from the context menu.

Manipulating Spine Labels

  • to move a spine label, drag its marker with the left mouse
  • to delete a spine label, select it and hit the delete key
  • to hide a labels, select it and type CTRL-H
  • to hide all of the spine labels, type CTRL-SHIFT-H