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Some DICOM images (usually ultrasound) might not be pre-calibrated so that the size of a pixel in the image is not known. For such images, measurements are displayed in pixels instead of a physical unit like centimeters, millimeters, etc. However, those images can be easily calibrated by Ruler tool as long as they have a scale as a part of the image.

  1. Activate Ruler tool by Tools > Measurement > Ruler
  2. Draw a line to calibrate on a scale which is found on the image.

    For more accurate results, it is recommended to use a calibration line as long as possible.

  3. Right-click on the calibration line, and select Calibrate
  4. Enter the length of the calibration line in a physical unit as indicated on the scale where the line is drawn, and select OK
  5. The calibration line is shown in a physical unit now, and all other measurements are shown in a physical unit.

    Images can only be calibrated individually, so a calibration done for an uncalibrated image does not apply to other uncalibrated images.

    It is possible to calibrate pre-calibrated images as well, but you should be careful not to cause incorrect measures due to wrong calibration.

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