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OnePacs Workstation can display images encoded using all standard DICOM compression techniques.  In cases where the compression is lossless, there is no loss of quality.  Reversible, or lossless, compression is reversible, meaning that when the image is uncompressed for display, the resulting imaging data is bit-for-bit the same as the original (prior to compression). Images compressed with Diagnostically acceptable irreversible compression (DAIC) are not bit-for-bit identical in the sense of computer data storage, but do not have any human-perceivable visual differences in display characteristics compared to images compressed with reversible/lossless algorithms. The American College of Radiology and other similar bodies in other jurisdictions have issued guidelines indicating that DAIC may be used. It is the responsibility of radiologists using such images to ensure the images are diagnostically acceptable.

OnePacs Workstation will display a message "LOSSY" on screen to the user when lossy compression is in use.

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