Direct Gateway Downloads

If possible, optimal OnePacs configuration involves setting up the OnePacs Gateway PC at your facility to allow users to download studies directly from the Gateway. This will both increase the speed of study distribution, as well as reduce bandwidth requirements between your facility and the OnePacs servers.

Please refer to the following diagram for an explanation of the two modes of study download available with OnePacs:

The preferred method of downloading, when possible, is (1) - direct study downloads from the Gateway to users' Workstations. This is a much faster means of study distribution because all data processing takes place on your facility's local network. The alternative means of downloading studies, indicated by the symbol (2), involves the mediation of the OnePacs Web Server. The advantage of method (2) is that the user is not required to be on the local facility's network to be able to download studies.

If the OnePacs Study Download software attempts to retrieve requested studies directly from the Gateway, and this attempt does not succeed, the Study Download software will then attempt to download the study from the OnePacs Web Server (“fail over” to download method 2).

Checklist for Direct Gateway Download Configuration

Direct downloads from the Gateway require the following: