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Limited Functionality Trial Accounts

OnePacs may provide, on a case-by-case basis, courtesy free feature-limited accounts which may be used for testing/evaluation of the system, research or educational use, or minimal volume clinical use.

These trial/free accounts come with limitations in terms of allowed daily case load, storage, bandwidth, number of users, and account capabilities/features. While not appropriate for clinical practices in general, these accounts may be a useful means of testing the system and determining how OnePacs would fit your needs, or may provide a convenient means of storing a small numbers of case for personal, research/educational, or very limited clinical use.

Interested parties may request such an account here. Please provide full details regarding intended use and contact information so we may determine if a trial/free account is appropriate for your purposes.

Many Advanced Features available by subscription only

The following features of OnePacs are available only for paid accounts. Please contact for further details.

  • Increased storage space allotments, or no storage space limit.
  • May unify studies from multiple facilities
  • May create as many unique users as needed
  • Increased or unlimited download bandwidth
  • Study retention times for as long a period of time as needed, up to permanent archiving
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Extended setup, configuration, and other on-call technical support
  • Transmission of reports by facsimile, emailed report links, or secure email
  • HL7 interface to upload reports directly into local RIS/PACS systems, or automatically pull prior studies for cases transmitted to OnePacs
  • Automatic assignment of incoming studies to an interpreting physician based on a filter, configured radiologists, and case load
  • Move a study to a different facility
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