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** Note: The JPEG Web Viewer has been deprecated and can no longer be set as a default viewer.   


Simple web viewer

To view studies using the lightweight non diagnostic JPEG-based viewer (see figure below), right-click on the study row on the worklist and select “View with JPEG viewer” from the context menu that appears. The associated icon will appears as follows:

Screen layout

In the viewer, by default, a list of series contained in the study will display in the left column. By clicking on a series in the left hand column, images from that series will display in a larger format in the center column. Thumbnails will also display in the right column. These layout options may be customized by clicking on the “Series”, “Grid”, and “Mosaic” controls in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Scrolling through series

The center column series can be scrolled by clicking on the image, then using the up/down or left/right keys on the keyboard, or by scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Additionally, a set of icons below the image may be used to navigate through the series. These icons appear as follows:

The functions of these buttons are, from left to right:

Move to first image; Scroll back 5%; Back one image; move to center image; Forward one image; Forward 5%; Move to last image.

Window and level

To change the window level open the toolbar by clicking the “Show Tools” button. Next, either select “Preset” or “WW/WL.” Clicking “Preset” will allow you to select and apply a preset window level. Clicking “WW/WL” will allow you change the window leveling by scrolling your mouse on the image up and down/left and right.  Note, please use a different viewer such as the web viewer to perform WW/WL.  


To insert a measurement on the image open the toolbar by clicking the “Show Tools” button. Next, select “Measure.” Draw a line on the image by clicking and dragging to measure the distance between points on an image.


Current limitations: The viewer is not intended for diagnostic use. Series do not display at full diagnostic resolution. Only a limited set of window and level presets are currently supported. Supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 24+.


Lightweight JPEG-based viewer screen.

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